What it means to be a GreenCo Gold

KG Fabriks is pleased to announce that it's 20 million meter per annum manufacturing facility in Perundurai spread over 250,000 sq ft on 33 acres of land nested in between 5000 plus fruit and nut bearing trees is now a Gold rated GreenCo, the highest rating ever achieved in textile processing and weaving segment. 99.99% of our denim fabrics were already Green product certified by GreenPro.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Year 2030 sustainability goals have already been attained in the year 2019 by us with one of the lowest carbon footprint and lowest GHG emission and the highest circularity in the fashion economy. Sourcing denim from us boosts your brand. Guilt free denim.

Jeans made from our Green Denim fabric has been made in the most earth friendly manner possible with innovative and inventive solutions saving and serving drinking water needs for a town with a population of 1,000,000 people

We don’t discharge any effluents and gases that are harmful to the environment and we help spread sustainable practices from who we source from and who we sell to. We don’t crush the public Infra-structure like electricity and water for resources, rather we use it to a minimum.

It is possible to make responsible and sustainable denim rather than just fake certificates and gimmickery. It is possible to make denim the greenest fabric in the world, with ZLD and ZSD and with just 6 liters of water needed to make a meter of denim

Ingredient brands like Lycra, Tencel, RGold and RElan, not only your products are sustainable but companies like us who use your products make them further earth friendly, enhancing your brand value.

There are certification like organic, BCI, Fairtrade etc for practices in farming. This means that the way the fabric is made is as conscious a route as the way farming is done. The manufacturing process does not destroy the responsibility adhered to in farming practices

The products we buy from you, are used with utmost respect and care and in the most sustainable manner.

We work guilt free. Sleep well, We don't tamper numbers for certifications, We are a organization that does zero gimmickery and where each employee is a chief sustainability officer. We work for the cleanest and greenest denim company in the world. We proud to be a part of the great team.

Sustainability is like meditation. Comes from within. We are happy all of us have been able to work on it as a team.