Quality Policy

KG FABRIKS LIMITED,is committed to manufacture and supply Denim and Industrial fabrics as per customer applicable requirement at the competitive price of best quality.

We shall strive to deliver on time every time by using optimum productivity techniques by involving all employees and practicing quality management system to ensure stakeholder satisfaction from continual improvement.

Anti Discrimination Policy

The company agree to pay its workers as per statutory requirements, believes in encouraging workers based on their performance and motivating the workers to grow with the company.

In these matters, there shall be no room for partiality and merit alone shall be deciding factor.

Anti Harassment And Abusement Policy

The company,

  • Shall not use harsh words / language while instructing the workers.
  • Shall not give corporal punishment to any worker if he commits any mistakes.
  • Shall not penalize any worker arbitrary who has caused damage or loss to the company property.
  • Shall not restrict their free ability to suggest or represent their problems.
  • Shall not force them to work overtime.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy

  • The entire workforce is allowed to work free from unwanted and annoying sexual harassments.
  • Sexual harassment in any form from worker verbal, non-verbal, visual physical or psychological form shall not be tolerated.
  • The individual who are annoyed shall promptly report to the factory manager of the company, and
  • The individual who engage in such conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Given below is the definition of sexual harassment given by the Hon'ble supreme court : "physical conduct or advances : a demand or requested for sexual coloured remarks : showing pornography : any unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct sexual nature."

Grievance Policy / Collective Bargaining Policy

KG FABRIKS LIMITED supports the right of every employee to lodge a grievance with his/her immediate supervisor / Manager if the individual believes a decision, behavior or action that affects their employment is unfair. We aim to resolve problems and grievances promptly and as close to the source as possible with graduated steps for further discussions and resolution at higher levels of authority as necessary.

Grievances should be auctioned discreetly and promptly dealt with in an objective manner.

Social Policy

KG Fabriks limited commits to be socially responsible to ensure

  • No forced labour applicable in our company.
  • Providing safe and hygienic working environment for all employees by caring for occupational health &safety of employees.
  • No child labour will be allowed to work in our organization on permanent/temporary/contract basis.
  • Suitable and timely payment/compensation as per the industrial norms and factories act and rules.
  • Implementing on working hours per factories act and rules.
  • No discrimination and hire/fire on the basis of cast, language, religion, politics, colour, sex and providing regular employment.
  • No harassment and misbehaves with employees
  • Facilitating female employees without any discrimination.
  • Continuous struggle for social compliance's

Health and Safety policy

KG FABRIKS LIMITED is committed to providing and maintaining a safe work environment for the health, safety and welfare of our Employees, contractors, visitors and members of the public who may affected by our work. We undertake to provide resources in terms of personnel, time and financial outlay as per Factory Act 1948 to achieve these objectives.

To do this, KG FABRIKS LIMITED will:

  • Develop and maintain safe systems of work, and a safe working environment
  • Provide information and training at all levels in the organization to enable all employees to support this policy
  • Require all risks to be assessed prior to engaging in new areas of operation, purchasing new equipment, and implementing new work methods , and that these risks continue to be reviewed.

All persons who are responsible for the work activities of other employees will be held accountable for:

  • Identifying practices and conditions which could injure employees, clients, members of the public or our environment
  • Implementing steps to control such situation
  • If unable to control such practices and conditions, reporting these to their superiors.

KG FABRIKS LIMITED demands a positive attitude and performance with respect to health, safety and the environment by all employees, irrespective of their position.

Freedom of association

KG FABRIKS LIMITED is committed to respect the right of workers to associate in a peaceful manner.

KG FABRIKS LIMITED also authorize its workers to join any workers committee for representing before the management for amicable solution of their problems and promoting better relations between workers and the management or smooth away the frictions that may arise between the workers and management in day to day work.

Land rights policy(EPIC)

The Land Rights Policy is a national sectoral policy that provides the Land Commission's policy recommendations for land rights in india, centred on four basic types of rights : public land, Government land, customary land, and private land. In addition, a Protected Area is defined as a land which may fall under the Government Land, customary land, or private land categories, but which must be conserved for the benefit of all indians. The Policy will form the basis of a new land rights law, and will require substantial changes to the existing legal framework. Lastly, the Policy development was guided by the following principles: secure land rights, economic growth, equitable benefits, equal access, equal protection, environmental protection, clarity, participation, and evidence-based. Further the document recognizes that women's land rights are often less protected than those of men, and therefore it aims to give equal protection to the land rights of men and women